Vibes Papers Box - 1.25"

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ABOUT THE VIBES PAPERS BOX - 1.25” Bay Area rap legend, Berner, wants to make sure you’re never out of the best rolling papers available. The Vibes Papers Box - 1.25” features 50 booklets of the Rice or Ultra Thin Vibes Rolling Papers. Each booklet has 50 papers, bringing your total to 2,500 rolling papers. Available in Rice or Ultra Thin papers. VIBES RICE ROLLING PAPERS Vibes Rice Rolling Papers are a must-have for those who enjoy longer sessions. Rice paper burns slower than its hemp counterpart, so your sessions can be extended. The true flavor of your dry herb will flourish within these thin papers. VIBES ULTRA-THIN ROLLING PAPERS The Vibes Ultra Thin Rolling Papers are just that: uber-thin. By using such thin paper you’ll experience more of your material’s smoke, as opposed to the “paper smoke” of other brands. Your sessions will be full of flavor. VIBES HEMP ROLLING PAPERS Vibes Hemp Rolling Papers offer a classic experience. The natural hemp paper is thin enough for your material’s flavor to flourish and will burn slowly and evenly to ensure a comprehensive session. WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Vibes Papers Box (2500 rolling papers)